Commercial Land Services
in south carolina


It’s time to scrape and fill the land to get it ready for construction! We are ready to come in and get the job done right! We will level out your land to get your lot ready for the builders to do their work.

Land Clearing

We clear lots as small as three acres and anything over 15 acres of land. We will take your land and remove the brush, trash trees, large trees, stumps, and get the land ready for expert grading.


Demolishing an old building is a great way to make room for new construction or to help sell commercial properties. We don’t stop at demolition, if you need grading and site preparation for the new build or land, we’re more than happy to give an estimate on those services as well!

Retention and Detention Ponds

When you live in a region with heavy rainfalls, it’s vital to protect your property with a retention pond lining. An improperly built or maintained lining can allow water to seep through, eventually damaging the foundation of your house or business.

Site Preparation

Want to get the best value for your money? Get in touch with us and we’ll give you a walkthrough of how to plan the perfect site and provide you with the best land service in SC.

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